Tracey 13m
The first Tracey is still a work in progress. This boat was designed for Ray and Tracey(hence the name). They were experienced easy builders and sailors who came to us after the successful sale of their first easy, with a specific list of their requirements for their next project. As such this boat represents exactly what they thought they would like in a new boat. By far the biggest Easy to date, the Tracey has gone beyond the outboard powered smaller boats, and is fitted with twin 35hp saildrive diesels. The 15m rig will provide the horsepower for this 6000kg boat. Compared to many other 13m cats she is still quite light, but should provide the space and carrying capacity that this family require for their diving trips to the outer reefs and extended cruises. The plans for this boat are geared more to the professional or experienced builder. If this is to be your first building project, the smaller boats may be a wiser choice, this is not a project for the faint hearted.
2012 update
Tracey number 1 is going to hit the water in February 2012. Ray has done a fabulous job on the boat, which is no surprise given the quality of the Easy 37 he built some years ago. He will be the first to tell you that this is a big job but he has a fabulous boat for what he likes to do. As the finishing touches go on the excitement is mounting.....