Sarah 12m
Sarah is one of our newest designs and named after our daughter. At 12metres long, it is getting to be a biggish boat but is still able to be powered by the 2 outboards as the smaller easys. There is an option to have 2 saildrive diesels if that is your choice. This is the first of the new hull shape, which features a high chine above the waterline. The overall beam of this boat is the same as the 11.6, but the width is carried lower in the hull, resulting in more space at hip level inside the hulls. The hull flares more above the waterline and is deeper at the bow than previous easys. The stern is longer and wider. The rig is the same as the 11.6 but the boat goes faster and rides a bit smoothier in a seaway. Back at home now, we spent all of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 living permanently aboard and cruising and we were very comfortable. This boat also offers an even more protected cockpit than the others, which we like very much. our days of sitting in sun, wind and rain are over. Crew comfort is a big priority for a distance sailing boat, and Sarah delivers it nicely. Still manageable singlehanded or short handed, the gear is not too big to be scary to use or pay for. With 31 on the go at present, this design is shaping up to be one of the most popular yet. Our own Sarah has been sold and is living in Sydney with her new owners and we are currently about to start building her replacement-a hard act to follow. One of my favorite things about this boat was her superb protected cockpit.