Easy 37
This design is an evergreen classic from the easy stable and has completely replaced the older 10.5 and the 10.5SS because it is better on all counts. The hull carries its beam further aft and carries a greater payload with no additional drag, so it is a hands down winner in its size range. One of this design joined us on our offshore cruise to New Caledonia in our Sarah in 2009 , and proved itself capable of the task. This is a good choice for a coastal cruiser and makes a nice permanent home for a couple or a fantastic holiday boat for a family. The salloon is larger than the Jessica and it has two nice staterooms forward. The new model of the Yamaha 9.9hp high thrust extra long shaft outboards are still well suited to this size boat. This boat, at 4000kg , will actually outperform the larger boats in under 12knots of wind, which is very interesting. Once the wind increases the bigger boats go faster, which is to be expected.

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