Jessica 9.9
The Jessica is the baby of the Easy family and is a reworked version of the original and very popular easy32. We have given the new designs names now rather than defining them by length to avoid confusion . This design has proved very popular as a bay cruiser, weekend boat and family holiday boat. Her narrow beam makes it easier and cheaper to find a marina berth and the owners of these little pearls are delighted with the responsive almost dinghy like quality of the performance. Having said that, the design is still seaworthy, as the first easy 32,"Pelican", has proven, with several trips to Indonesia and many miles of coastal sailing between the Kimberlies and Brisbane. This is an economical package to put together, and at its best when kept sweet and simple. So if you are looking for a family holiday boat or a basic cruiser for a small crew then this might be the boat for you. The boat featured in these photos is Real Easy 9.9-1
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