Which Easy For Me?

Once you have decided to build a boat the next decision to make is which one. The construction of these boats is kept as simple as possible, while still trying to make them look pretty. We use sheet ply over frames and stringers. Most of the boat is 9mm ply, and this form of construction is still one of the lightest for its strength and just happens to be very user friendly for the one off builder. The end result is sturdy, easy to repair and durable.All outside surfaces are covered with epoxy and fibreglass. Place cursor over designs below for more info. Lately we have taken to giving new models names rather than numbers to avoid confusion.
 Boat  Length Beam Draft   Mast Height Displacement  Plan Cost 
 Jessica  9.9m  4.8m  600mm  11m  3300kg  $2200
 Easy 37  11m  5.8m  750mm  13m  4000kg  $2400
 Easy 11.6  11.6m  6m  750mm  13.6m  4400kg  $3000
 Sarah  12m  6m  750mm  13.6m  4800kg  $3300
 Tracey  13m  6.8m  800mm  15m  6000kg  $4000
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