About Us
Peter and I met at school and have been sailing together ever since. He built his first boat when he was 18 and we sailed it offshore by the time we were 20. In the seventies and eighties it was all about trimarans so that is what we had. We built our first cat from another designer in 1990 and by 1994 the first easy was born, a modest little boat that was intended to be just for us. She proved so popular that we were selling plans by 1995 and the easy adventure began. Now 17 years later, with well over 100 boats in the water and as many more under construction all over Australia and the world, Easy catamarans have found their place.
We love the simple composite construction which is perfectly suited to the one off amateur builder. Our builders come from various backgrounds with the common goal of getting out on the water and enjoying the ocean. They have brought with them great enthusiasm, energy,anda camaraderie which is a constant source of fun for us and support for fellow builders. The easy builders network is a remarkable and unexpected element of the easy story.
So if you think you would like to get yourself a nice boat, and like the idea of creating it from the ground up, without such a big price tag, then an easy might just be the way to go. There is some work to be done first to be sure, but after 17 years of plan selling, builder support and countless launches, I am always moved by the emotion of a builder on the day his/her baby hits the water. All the effort is repaid in a single rush, the dream becomes a reality.......and that's just the beginning!!!

So what are you waiting for??? Take it Easy
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